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Introduction to Coaching Skills
Feb 26 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Coaching has become a key skill to empower others to identify goals and aims, build self esteem, discover options and consider barriers to progress.  This workshop is suitable for managers, non-managers and those in a support role in any industry.

Being Resilient, Staying Healthy
Mar 27 all-day



by the end of the workshop delegates should have:-

  • a better understanding of what affects them emotionally
  • enhances awareness of unwanted feelings, beliefs and behaviours – ‘letting go’ strategies
  • a better understanding of emotional response to challenging service users / colleagues
  • supporting others, Healthy Client Interventions
  • strategies to maintain positive feelings and a healthy practice


  • How do our emotions affect us?
  • What affects our emotions?  –  beliefs and behaviours
  • What may block motivation and self esteem?  listening?
  • Responding to others effectively – ‘protection’ and ‘working cleanly’
  • Maintaining energy and preparation to support others
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult relationships / self care
  • Strategies for staying calm, focused and positive
  • Minimising worry / negativity
  • Avoiding ‘Burn-Out’
  • Switching off after work and re-energising

A sample of feedback from last workshop

“Fabulous presenter – thank you”

“Very inspiring and presented very well”

“Helped me personally and professionally”


“Engaging and Respectful”

“I feel I am so much more aware”



Transpersonal Coach
Apr 6 – Apr 7 all-day

Transpersonal Coach

Help self and others to find more freedom, meaning and connection.

We are living in times of great change and uncertainty and many people are looking for more meaning and purpose in their lives.  Combining coaching, spiritual intelligence and enhanced intuition can help us help others to answer some of life’s deeper questions and move forward.

A 2 Day Workshop

  • Discover powerful tools to develop ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ / ‘Transpersonal Coaching’
  • Accessing ‘Authentic Self’ – who is that?
  • Accessing ‘High Self’ – Higher Wisdom
  • Use of imagery and meditation
  • Developing Intuition
  • Mindfulness and ‘The Here and Now’
  • The Law of Attraction, ‘Letting go and Forgiveness’
  • Spiritual Coaching – helping others find meaning and connection
  • Strategies to enhance the Spiritual Coaching Relationship
  • Staying professionally detached and establishing good boundaries
  • Questions to enhance Awareness, Meaning in Life / Transcendence
  • Spiritual Goals – Intention and Abundance

Feedback:     “Mind blowing, really took me to another place – a right place”

“Life changing, amazing – a light has been ignited”

“The quality and effect of this training has been both vibrant and relevant on a personal and professional level”

“Illuminated my soul”

“Honest, authentic, gave me so much more than I was expecting”


“Fantastic teachers, truly outstanding”

“Didn’t want it to end”

Accredited or non-accredited option

The accreditation for this course is offered as a separate module and can be done within 3 months of the training.  This will involve gathering evidence of working with transpersonal clients (coaches) in order to gather relevant evidence.  This is a nationally recognised qualification with The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

Performance Coaching Skills Programme
Apr 16 – Jun 11 all-day

The Accredited Performance Coaching Skills Programme aims to improve the effectiveness of participants to coach individuals and teams and is focused upon equipping them with the skills necessary to create, manage and maintain a successful coachee centred environment.

Participants will be introduced to practice, reflect and evaluate, the range of coaching and management skills and approaches that will enable them to work effectively with individuals and teams so that they can work towards fulfilling their potential to deliver results.

  • Empowers others to accomplish results on their own initiative
  • Understands how people learn change and develop.
  • Takes care to align individual goals with those of the organisation.
  • Through empowering others, collaborating and goal setting, taps into the individual’s intrinsic motivation.
  • Enables employees to become responsible for their own commitments, decisions and actions within the workplace.
  • Emphasises development and future possibilities.
  • Develops teams and enables them to perform to the highest standards.
  • Encourages creative thinking and challenges the status quo.
  • Listens, questions, supports and collaborates.     
  • Uses coaching as an effective management intervention.
  • Together with the organisation perceives coaching as a developmental and performance enhancing tool.
Performance Coaching Skills Programme – 2019 dates
Apr 16 – Jun 11 all-day

Dates for Spring 2019 programme are as follows:-

(all Tuesdays)

Day 1     –     16th April, 2019

Day 2     –     30th April, 2019

Day 3     –      14th May, 2019

Day 4     –     28th May, 2019

Day 5     –     11th June, 2019

Dates for Winter 2018 programme to follow:-


Motivational Interviewing
May 21 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

For those who support others in work e.g. support workers, using a client centred approach for enhancing motivation to change.  Considering the nature of change, resistance and ambivalence as well as enhancing listening and motivational questions.  Helping others to become ready, willing and able to change.