Group Coaching Supervision

May 25, 2018

December 6, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Purple Tree
Royal Standard House
330-334 New Chester Rd, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH42 1LE
Helen Reuben
0151 644 4557 - 07714 101034

The Coaching industry is developing much more regulation influenced by input from the various coaching bodies. The indication is that that supervision can help differentiate the mediocre from the great coach, helping to build credibility and quality in our practice.


So, what is supervision?


 `Time for the coach to reflect on all aspects of their practise, an opportunity to gain feedback and gain insights from a relationship that may involve third parties. An opportunity to develop insights and wisdom self `super – vision`


The main focus of supervision is:


  •  Continuous Professional, Personal Development, and Action learning of the coach.
  •   A supportive space for the coach to process what they have absorbed from their clients and their clients world.
  •  An opportunity for the coach to consider the relationship with the coachee, the interventions being used and the     potential for further interventions within the coaching session.
  •  Help for the coach to develop their `internal supervisor` and become a better reflective practitioner.
  •  Help to keep the coach self aware and courageous, attending to what they are not seeing, not hearing or not saying.
  •  Considering when the client may need to be referred on to more specialist support.
  •  Support for newly trained coaches, helping them to build confidence and skill.
  •  Before beginning supervision it is useful for the coach / supervisee to ask themselves questions such as- What do I hope for in supervision?
  • What anxieties might I have about supervision?
  • How might I measure the success of the sessions?
  • What particular issues about my coaching practice might I take to supervision?
  • Supervision can be delivered in groups and or on a 1-1 basis
  • The sessions can benefit both self employed and internal coaches


Helen Reuben is an Advanced Coach, Coach Trainer, Therapist and Trained Coach Supervisor



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