Performance Coaching Skills Programme

March 4, 2013

June 11, 2019 – August 6, 2019 all-day
Purple Tree,
Royal Standard House
330-334 New Chester Rd, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH42 1LE
please contact purple tree
Helen Reuben
0151 644 4557 / 07714 101034

The Accredited Performance Coaching Skills Programme aims to improve the effectiveness of participants to coach individuals and teams and is focused upon equipping them with the skills necessary to create, manage and maintain a successful coachee centred environment.

Participants will be introduced to practice, reflect and evaluate, the range of coaching and management skills and approaches that will enable them to work effectively with individuals and teams so that they can work towards fulfilling their potential to deliver results.

  • Empowers others to accomplish results on their own initiative
  • Understands how people learn change and develop.
  • Takes care to align individual goals with those of the organisation.
  • Through empowering others, collaborating and goal setting, taps into the individual’s intrinsic motivation.
  • Enables employees to become responsible for their own commitments, decisions and actions within the workplace.
  • Emphasises development and future possibilities.
  • Develops teams and enables them to perform to the highest standards.
  • Encourages creative thinking and challenges the status quo.
  • Listens, questions, supports and collaborates.     
  • Uses coaching as an effective management intervention.
  • Together with the organisation perceives coaching as a developmental and performance enhancing tool.


Sample of feedback

“Very motivating and inspiring”

“Wonderful training, amazing tutor, taught me so much”

“Fantastic delivery, generous and enthusiastic”

“Excellent programme, it has given me the skills and knowledge I need to take me forward as a coach in the future”

“Exceeded my expectations!”

“Wow, just wow”

“Helen, what an amazing lady”

“Helen and Mitch Have an infectious energy which had a positive influence on how the learning is transferred in the group”

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