Emotion Coaching

Emotion Coaching enables you to identify, assess and manage challenging emotions and the self-limiting beliefs that negatively affect productivity.

Managing Challenging Emotions

Our emotions affect us in many different ways, ultimately driving our actions and reactions.

Understanding how to positively manage challenging emotions can have both personal and organisational benefits.

Purple Tree can help you to:

Emotion Coaching - managing challenging emotions
  • Deal with change and conflict
  • Effectively manage challenging emotions
  • Understand your own and others emotions and how they affect us
  • Enhance your awareness of unwanted feelings, beliefs and behaviours
  • Gain a deeper understanding of emotional responses to challenging situations and relationships
  • Understand yourself and those around you, whether in a personal or professional capacity
  • Discover strategies to maintain positive and calm feelings
  • Help you more effectively manage change and conflict in a calm, positive manner

Become a more effective leader with Emotion Coaching from Purple Tree

Purple Tree offer one and two day courses to enable managers, staff and individuals to manage challenging emotions. Understanding how emotions affect motivation will have a positive impact on the productivity of your business, the performance of your employees and your individual personal growth.

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Financial assistance may be available.