Executive Coaching and Support

Bespoke, one to one coaching and support programmes specifically designed for executives, directors and senior managers

How will Executive Coaching help me and my business?

Even the most effective leaders need to access support to deal with change from time to time.

Coaching at executive level is essential to ensure good decisions are made and leadership skills are enhanced helping you to inspire others and stay inspired, to feel motivated and help motivate others.

Other benefits of Executive Coaching and Support from Purple Tree include:

Executive Coaching and Support
  • Improve your teams sales performance
  • Enhance strategic thinking skills
  • Motivate your team to enhance performance
  • Take your business to the next level confidently
  • Communicate confidently and effectively
  • Increase awareness and performance with advanced coaching interventions

Executive Coaching normally consists of six hourly sessions of confidential coaching in line with organisational goals. Sessions can be in-house or off-site at the Purple Tree Wirral based centre.

Contact us for more information about increasing the effectiveness and abilities of your organisations leaders, executives and managers with Executive Coaching and Support from Purple Tree.