Banish all thoughts of swinging chain watches and mind control!

Hypnotherapy facilitated by Purple Tree will enable you to quieten the churning of the conscious mind, and help you access a highly relaxed and naturally occurring state, where your mind would be open to positive change.

Hypnotherapy is a state of enhanced awareness that enables you to:

  • Re-programme self-limiting beliefs
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Release suppressed emotions
  • Transmute negative thought processes
  • Release stress and tensions
  • Overcome stress-related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis and much more
  • Overcome addictions such as smoking and alcoholism
  • Manage panic attacks or obsessive compulsive behaviour

Re-programming negative behaviour patterns in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment can be the key to achieving a happier, healthier more stable life.

Contact us to discuss how you could benefit from Hypnotherapy with Purple Tree.