Managing Challenging Emotions

In the workplace or in life


By the end of the Purple Tree Managing Challenging Emotions workshop delegates should have:

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills
  • A better understanding of their response to others, challenging relationships and situations
  • A better understanding of what affects them emotionally
  • Enhanced awareness of unwanted feelings, beliefs & behaviours
  • Strategies to maintain positive and calm feelings
  • Approaches when dealing with challenging colleagues, clients/service users

What does the Managing Challenging Emotions workshop consist of?

  • Responding to others effectively – protection from negativity
  • Strategies for staying calm and positive in relationships
  • How do our emotions affect us? / What affects our emotions?
  • What may block self esteem and confidence
  • Managing difficult feelings – minimising worry and anxiety
  • Dealing with Inner Conflict /  blame and criticism
  • Dealing with Change – staying motivated
  • Strategies for “switching off” (after work)

For more information about Managing Challenging Emotions contact Purple Tree.