Managing Uncertainty

In these uncertain times, leading or managing in an organisation is more challenging than ever.

Staff may feel overwhelmed by change, anxious about job security and worried about the future – then again so might the key decision makers.

We can be affected emotionally, which in turn can affect our performance.

The challenges in 2012 and into the future

  • What is uncertainty – How does it affect us?
  • Understanding what is needed emotionally to ensure effective performance
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Benefits of being more Emotionally Intelligent
  • Managing Challenging Emotions – Learning strategies to stay calm, positive and effective
  • Beliefs and Behaviours – Understanding how the brain affects behaviour
  • Understanding others – How uncertainty impacts on their behaviour
  • Helping others manage challenging issues – Change, Stress, Relationships
  • Empowering others to reach their potential, be motivated
  • The power of Coaching – HELP THEM – HELP THEMSELVES

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