Transpersonal Coaching

Developing spiritual intelligence

We are living in times of great change and uncertainty. Many people are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives.

Combining Life Coaching and Spiritual Intelligence can help us to help others to answer some of life’s deeper questions, cope more positively with change and achieve personal and spiritual growth.

This two day workshop is for Coaches, Therapists and Practitioners.

Developing spiritual intelligence with Transpersonal Coaching can help you to:

Transpersonal Coaching - develop spiritual intelligence
  • Develop insights and intuition
  • Develop and enhance self-awareness
  • Facilitate others to be more self-aware
  • Develop and learn the skills, beliefs and behaviours of an effective Life Coach
  • More fully understand stumbling blocks to achieving true potential
  • Discover powerful tools to develop “Spiritual Intelligence”
  • Develop strategies to enhance the coaching relationship
  • Learn how to establish good boundaries and stay professionally detached

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