Sometimes we can hold on to negative feelings like frustration, anger or resentment. These negative feelings can affect self-belief and confidence and might even enhance anxiety and negative thinking.

There is much research to show that over time they can affect us physically. An example could be IBS, migraine headaches and muscle health. Should we decide to release these unhelpful feelings, we need a starting point and this we call your INTENTION. Once you have decided – intended – to release these feelings, you might notice that you can feel lighter, clearer and more positive.

Simple strategies like visualising these feelings being released from your mind and body floating away. Perhaps you could even imagine tying them to a large balloon and letting the balloon go, slowly watching it disappear. The world of sport and performance has proven the value and benefit of visualisation.

Remember, you have choice about how you feel and you can choose to release and let go anytime you wish.